Rock & Roll

Random selection of (Dutch) bands from the 60s!

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The Outskirst
The AMC Red Stars -Den Helder
The Black Nights - Den Helder
The Murphey Jets - Utrecht
Tjerry and his Jets - Kolhorn
The Vipers - Rotterdam
The Trembling Five - Rotterdam
The Star Rockets - Lekkerkerk
The Sounds -Bussum
The Sheerlines - Enkhuizen
The Moonshots - Stein
The Jumping Strings
The Cheetahs - Rotterdam
The Blackbirds - Zaandam
The Black Alligators
The Beavers - Den Haag
The Beachcombers - Den Helder
Johnny Space and his Flying Rockets - Breda
Johnny and his Cellar Rockers
The Flying Comets
Emiel and his Starfighters - Den Helder
Crazy Rockers
Benny Neyman - Maastricht
Valiant Fighters
Ully and his Rocking Comets - Oosterhout
The Black Arrows
The Melody Boys - Krommenie
Franke Echo Quintett

Pictures - Jan Kersten Rock & Roll / Indorock / Instrorock