Brandoni Custom guitars - London.

jul. 24, 2019

- Brandoni Custom guitars - London.

  • Roberto Brandoni, famous for combining 60/70/80s old stock Vox-Eko-Welson guitar/bass parts randomly- (he bought complete remaining stock of these Italian factory's after they closed down in the 80s) - with more modern ones, building his own Vox-Eko "Brandoni Custom" guitar/bass creations for about 30 years.
  • Best of both worlds - modern technics/playability with old school/vintage looks/vibe!

* We couldn't resist the opportunity to meet /talk to Mr. Brandoni in person, visit his vintage Vox - Eko -Welson walhalla in London and purchase some rare 60/70s nos Italian guitar/bass parts as well

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Brandoni Custom guitars - London
Brandoni Custom guitars - London 2