1960s Giannini Ritmo II - Sold!

apr. 19, 2023

New arrival!

1960-70s Giannini

  • We think it's Brasilian
  • But we got no clue..

Reply on our message to Brasilian Giannini guitar company!

"Your guitar was a very popular model in the 60s known as Ritmo II, it was one of the first guitars made by Giannini. We don’t have technical infos about it, we had a fire in our archives in the 90s and lost many infos about old instruments."

https://www.guitarage.nl/guitars/2607-gianinni-ritmo-ii-guitar-early-1960s-made-in-brasil/">Click here for more info!

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1960 -70s Giannini
1960 -70s Giannini 2