Welson Melody


-Always missing & hard to find!-

Vintage guitar tremolo handle replica!

  • We did have problems with these in the past , despite the one on one copy of an original, they don't seem to fit occasionally ....

Quick search revealed:

  • There are 'at least' -> 5 <- different types of these trem units.
  • Two of these come in 2 different trem handle locking system versions.

- Tightening nut only - to lock trem handle into place

- Tightening nut, splitt pen, stop nut version!

- There's a threaded shaft version as well..

Will this one fit my 60s Italian guitar?
Best way to find out!:
Check/measure the trem unit shaft! - 2,5cm deep?
This replica handle will work!

If you got any further questions let me know!

Used by Welson, Crucianelli, Melody, Gemelli and others!
Colour Chrome & white
Condition Replica! - new
Dimensions Diameter - 5mm
Comment Guitars pictured here are -not- part of this sale!
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60s Italian tremolo handle1
60s Italian tremolo handle2
60s Italian tremolo handle3
60s Italian tremolo handle4
60s Italian tremolo handle5