2010 Mosrite Danamite "Wave" - nr.005

jul. 19, 2019

Todays arrival!

- short story!

We already posted some pictures of Semie Moseley's - (founder of Mosrite guitars, made in USA) - crazy 1988 Mosrite Double Axe Prototype in Guitarage gallery in the past!


After Mr. Moseley past away his daughter Dana stept into his footsteps building the Mosrite Danamite "Wave" model (2010) - in coöperation with the Fillmore company using his Double Axe design - only 6 were made!.. and we did get our hands on one of those.

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2010 Mosrite Danamite "Wave" - nr.005
2010 Mosrite Danamite "Wave" - nr.005a