• 2021 Guitarage RadioStar 5 watts guitar tube amp combo made in Holland
Brand Guitarage
Model RadioStar Nr4
Colour Brown
Year 2021
Origin Holland
Condition Old bakelite radio housing! / New amp & speaker
Content Customized B*gera T5 - 5 watts tube amp
Controls Volume pot & input on front! / Gain, Treble & Bass, Reverb, Phat-switch, Mains on/off on the back! / Headphones on the side!
Dimensions 31,5cm High - 48,5cm Wide - 19cm deep
Watts 5
Speaker New - 6" 15 watts - 4ohm Jensen speaker
Tubes 12AX7 & EL84
Comment One of a kind! - Prototype! Nr-4 from series of 10!!
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Guitarage RadioStar.4
Guitarage RadioStar.45
Guitarage RadioStar.43