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If you have additional info about guitars,basses,amps or parts pictured on this website,please drop me an email.

You want to sell/trade 60s guitars,basses or parts of them? Please send me info including pictures.

Special brands/ type's of interest:

  • Davoli/ Wandré/ Krundaal/ Avalon/ Noble guitars, basses, amps and parts.
  • Eko 295/375/400/500/700/1100 guitars, basses and parts.
  • Ekomaster guitars, basses and parts.
  • Ellisound/ Elite/ Tonemaster etc. by Crucianelli guitars, basses and parts.
  • Alvaro Bartolini/ Meazzi/ Welson/ Gemelli guitars, basses and parts.
  • Melody guitars or just parts of them.
  • Harvey Thomas guitars, basses and parts.
  • Teisco guitars, basses, amps and parts.
  • 60s Hagstrom/ Bjarton guitars, basses, amps and parts.
  • Strange old double-neck guitars.
  • Special types of Roger, Lang, Huttl, Hofner, Hoyer, Hopf, Seifert, Migma, Marma, Perl-Gold, Musima, Fasan, Airline, Supro, Ohio, Fenton Weill etc.

Thanks for your time & interest.

- Frank


Dinxperlo, The Netherlands

Shop is opened by appointment only,

(alleen geopend op afspraak!)



Special thanks to:

Raymond, Erik, René, Denise, Tatum, Rianne, Arjen, Wesley, Ivo, Alex, Mark, Marco, Jaap, Edwin

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