• Straight playable neck
  • 2 single -coil pickups
  • 3-position pickup selector
  • Twang bar
  • => Sunburst colour <=
  • Missing pickguard
  • All original.
  • Made in Japan

* According to info available about 200 where produced -> in black!!!

Info found on the Interwebs...

Idol was a brand name used on guitar manufactured by “Nihon Ompa Kabushiki” which translates to “Japan Soundwave Company”. The trading name of the company was “Idol Instruments”. The company formed in Japan in March 1967.

It was stated by Mr Matsuda, a former president of Teisco Co Ltd. He started Idol Instruments after leaving Teisco Shoji in 1967. It’s believed that he and some of his employees were unhappy with the new Kawai management. These employees followed their leader to start a new guitar company. It’s believed that the location of the factory was in Kumagaya.

The company can be confirmed to be making guitars in 1968 and possibly into 1969. Sometime in 1969 the company went bankrupt due to the slumping guitar market in the USA and Japan. During their time they produced some very interesting guitars that were partially based on Teisco models, but had evolved into new designs. These designs are some very unique guitars, which are rarely seen.

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IDOL Guitars by Jimmy Noise ;-) - April 2012