New Arrivals!

Eko DM18 - 6 & 12 string doubleneck blanks

dec. 2, 2019

New arrival!

70s Gherson 12 string-bass doubleneck, made in Italy! in great condition including original case!

sep. 10, 2019

Guitarage website parts update!

Nos Brandoni-UK Eko Vox parts, rare Van Ghent-Van Gent tuners (made in Taiwan) and lots of others will be listed here and in our Ebay shop next couple of days!

aug. 31, 2019

New arrival!

60s Italian Eko 500/1, in orange/black kinda "spaghetti" version! We already have one of these on stock for years! (too beautifull to sell!) branded -Starling-, (only to be found in France!)

aug. 2, 2019

New arrival!

Cute little custom/home made 5watt tube amp using 50/60s radio!

jul. 27, 2019

Brandoni Custom guitars - London.

* We couldn't resist the opportunity to meet /talk to Mr. Brandoni in person, visit his vintage Vox - Eko -Welson walhalla in London and purchase some rare 60/70s nos Italian guitar/bass parts as well

jul. 24, 2019

New arrival!

2010 Mosrite Danamite "Wave" - nr.005

jul. 19, 2019

Guitar bass parts website clean out!

Most of it - "modern" & vintage - will be directly sold thru our Guitarage-ebay account in the next couple of weeks!

mei. 6, 2019

New arrivals!

* Wandre pickguards for sale! - 3 types! - in black or white! - (Replica! - New!)

jan. 19, 2019

New arrivals!

Tremolo handles for 60s Italian Eko Florentine / 200 series for sale! (Replica! - New!)

dec. 27, 2018

New arrivals!

60s Italian Eko 500/700 tremolo handles for sale! (Replica's -New!)

dec. 27, 2018

New arrivals!

Wandre grills for sale! - (Replica's - New!) - available in black or white!

nov. 7, 2018